Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing is in this article focused on: What influencing marketing is and what criteria to choose from when choosing influencers and social media.

What is influencer marketing ?

Influencer marketing is - unlike traditional marketing - a personal way of marketing products and services. As a company or brand, you use a person who distinguishes itself from different criteria in relation to the specific target audience that you want to market. In other words, traditional advertising shoots with buckshots, whereas influencing marketing hits more targeted. It also has the advantage that the recipients of the marketing message feel that the message is far more relevant, and therefore, the recipients want more to try or buy a product. 

To find a good influencer, as mentioned above, there are a number of criteria that companies can choose influencers from. For example, it may be social media such as: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or Snapchat. In this context, it is important to mention that it is not necessarily the number of followers or subscribers (YouTube) that determines whether an influencer is good or not. It is more relevant to focus on the interaction between the influencer and the consequences.

It is also crucial to choose an influencer representing the niche in which the company wishes branding. A little further down in this article you will find some examples.

For some brands, it is important whether it is a local influencer. It may be a local disco, museum or shop. If you choose a site as a criterion, it is not only the location of the influencer, but also where the consequences come from. For example, this knowledge can be obtained if the influencer has a company profile on Instagram.

Why use influencer marketing ?

Influencer marketing on social media has grown enormously over the past few years. This is because of:

  • The youngsters primary search engine is YouTube
  • Influencer marketing uses a credible sender (influencer), and the readers or viewers (followers or subscribers) feel they have found an online friend or friends whom they have high confidence in
  • Not least, retail stores, brands and companies, but also public organizations have found that influencer marketing is cheaper and at the same time more effective in terms of old-fashioned and traditional marketing
  • Influencers use apps to make filters, funny lyrics, Instagram stories or videos so that the influencer's content can be done very personally
  • Young people and adults alike use smartphones around the clock and we sit and surf while we watch TV, are among friends and we are on the go

The end result for you by using influencer marketing can therefore be that you get:

  • Hype for your brand
  • More sign-ups for an event
  • More sales
  • Better return of investment (ROI)
  • Valuable feedback from your customer target group via the comments in the influences posts
  • Get ideas from the customer group about how your product or service can be used in a new context
  • Beat your competitors who do not use influencer marketing yet
  • Getting influencers to show how your product works a number of times, as influencer videos are easily accessible 24 hours a day

And the arrow for influencer marketing points just one way and it's up:

A national broadcasting company drove in early summer 2018 on all platforms: Radio, TV and internet, a whole week of influencing marketing as a theme. In July, an online streaming service came with their own TV series about influencers - a skinless honest report of four mega influencers' uneducated everyday lives.

Therefore, there is a huge peak in the middle of 2018. However, as can be seen from the graph below, interest in influencer marketing is now at a higher and still increasing level:

influencer marketing trend

Ambassadors for your brand

Are you sitting right now with a tingling sensation in your stomach because it may be a little anxious to allow other people to market your product or service, so you can dry the sweat of the forehead. Yes, it will be the influencers that set the framework for how your product or service is being displayed, but the influencers can create credibility and a scene that you cannot create, whether you're in a big marketing budget or not.

The new form of marketing: Influencer Marketing, has as a premise that you allow the influencers to tell about your brand. It loves influencers' followers on social media as influencers speak at eye level. On the other hand, it is important now that you check (or get Loggershut for it) influencers content history. That way you will find influencers and thus good ambassadors who are good at your brand, where there is a common value base between your brand and what the influencer stands for.

If you choose to use a micro influencer, or one of the major influencers, several times, you can achieve that the influencer appears as an ambassador to your brand. This can happen, for example, by the influencer making a post online that he or she is looking forward to an event in your company. For the event itself, your brand ambassador will again make posts for you on the social media. After six months of launching a new product, your brand ambassadors will be playing again. This allows you to create a positive domino effect. Using #your-brand in this together may also be a good idea.

Why engagement rate is so important

When you choose influencers, one of the things you look at is: Engagement rate.

The number of followers on an entry profile is just one directional game, but in reality, the number of followers does not always tell so much. It may be due to several things that the influencers:

  • Can buy followers in, for example, Vietnam, India or China. In that case there are hundreds of employees working on fake Facebook profiles and other online accounts. They thus become false followers, understood in the way that they only register as follows, but subsequently never interact with the influencer
  • Burns out on social media, for example, if the study life requires more time, or one fosters a family. An inactive SoMe account will quickly fade out, so the followers will find other and more interesting influencers
  • Makes a whole new Instagram account because the old Instagram account was not enough niche oriented or commercial

Then back to the engagement rate. Why is this percentage so important? It is the engagement rate because this number shows: Likes, comments and shareability - measured in relation to the number of views that have been on a post. In other words, one can say that the engagement rate shows the level of interaction that an influencer gets on their content on the social media.

If we take the influencers who have bought themselves to a large number of inactive followers, there will not be a lot of comments, likes or sharing on an influencer post. If there is a nominal number, or many views, then the influencer will get a bad engagement rate. 

In general, you can use the following direction arrows for the engagement rate if we use Instagram as an example:

  • <1,000 followers = 8%
  • <5,000 followers = 5-6%
  • <10,000 followers = 4%
  • <100,000 followers = 2-2.5%

It clearly shows that the engagement rate falls, the more followers an influencer has. This can be due to the fact that as follows, you feel more connected to an influencer if you are one of the first followers of a so-called micro-influencer. On the other hand, if you are number 100.002, which begins to follow a mega influencer, this is the mainstream and you will not have the same friend / friends feeling with the mega influencer.

Therefore, it is very important to use micro-influencers, which we will examine in the next section:

Micro- versus mega influencers

There may be pros and cons of using micro or mega influencers, but if you are having a relatively large campaign budget, it would be interesting to consider whether to make a good combination of using both micro and mega influencers.

Here are the pros and cons listed.

We are starting with the cons:

Not sure the social profile is so streamlined yet
May be difficult to have a dialogue with in terms of lack of feedback
May be difficult to comply with deadlines
Should you pay many micro influencers, you have to make a lot of payments?
Working through expensive agents
May have competition clauses
A bit too stringent and staged profile, so the authenticity is lost

and the benefits are:

Substantially cheaper than mega influencers
You can buy many micro influencers for the budget that you would alternatively use on a mega influencer
Higher engagement rate
More inclined to go the extra mile compared to mega influencers, who may have become a little metal fatigue and saturated
Can quickly reach a big audience
Possibility of stronger control of the context in which fire is exposed in the storyboard etc.

So, it's your strategy and marketing budget that will determine whether you choose to use either / or - or - both / and when you select micro and mega influencers. If you choose the micro influencers, you can do it yourself or get help in relation to the above disadvantages. In both cases you can use Loggershut

Influencers UK

Influencers from UK are in high spirits when we talk about social media. Not necessarily understand that the influencers are expensive, because you can simply choose micro-influencers rather than mega influencers. But in high course, understand that the influencers are very coveted for businesses, but also for the young generation to become influencers. 

Among other things, it is about staging in the right way. The scene can be at the influencers private or, for example, one of the favourite locations in UK, which are particularly suitable for Instagram. 

When an influencer from UK has made an Instagram business account, one can get knowledge of where the followers of the influencer come. It may be of importance to you, who primarily want to make local branding, or for you who would like to use all of UK as your marketing area. In the following cases, there may be pitfalls if you do not know about the effects of the influencers:

  • The UK-resident influencer has an international profile that only a few UK will be interested in, for example: African elephants
  • There are really good examples that beauty products in different colours are best shown by people with a beautiful glow in the skin

Here you can read more about how to make branding in UK via influencers 

Below are other examples of influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing examples

As mentioned in the section on what influencer marketing is, here are some examples of how to choose social media:

Make up

Instagram photos and stories, as well as YouTube video are both very good at promoting make up products.  

Gaming equipment

Gaming is a game, where the videos can be both short or long. That is why YouTube is the right Media in this context. The gamers make videos where they are showing the best way to go through the game; when a given high score etc. 


As an influencer you should be very skilled if you can make a video about cooking, but of course it can be done. On the other hand, Instagram is a suitable media for restaurants and hotels to use when influencers show a particular mood to the influencers' followers.

At the bottom of this page are some concrete ways in which influencers use their personal style to display the products:

Influencer Marketing Manager
We create dynamics in your Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing platform

If you are using an influencer marketing platform, like do-it-yourself platform, you should be aware if it is a huge database or so-called influencer network, which offers you millions of influencers where there is a focus on quantity, or you choose a platform where there are fewer influencers, but on the other hand there is focus on quality rather than quantity.

Many influencer marketing platforms have the big disadvantage that it is not easy to see how only the influencers can be contacted. Both in relation to the first contact, but also in relation to an address if you are to send a product. What initially looks like you can access a sea of ​​both micro and mega influencers can therefore end up making you much more work out of your efforts.

On the other hand, you can choose an influencer marketing platform such as:, where you know that a person has sat and has an attitude as to whether a given influencer has the potential to be a good influencer for you or not. Robots can do many things, but feelings see the bigger picture where robots fail.

Influencer marketing agency is great as do-it-yourself influencer marketing platform, extended service, including:

  • Finding influencers that suits you
  • To check if influencers comply with the marketing act
  • Possibly pay the fee to the influencers
  • Has close contact with the SoMe influencers so that the schedule is respected
  • Analysing the effect of your marketing campaign

then contact Loggershut and ask for an Enterprise package.

Below you can choose the model that suits you best when you want to make influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing at Instagram

influencer marketing

Influencer showing a product

influencer marketing example

An influencer is showing an event

influencer is showing an event