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Content marketing includes both production and sharing, etc. We look at how to succeed in content marketing. The article is immediately a bit long, but if you read it all, you will be very well dressed to either make your content or know what you want to emphasize if you want to get help with your content marketing.

Waste of time is annoying

The word “annoying” describes the situation where you are getting irritated or maybe a little angry.  This was the feeling we had before inventing Loggershut.

We found out how time-consuming and hard it was to find good influencers at a fair price. That's why we developed: Loggershut, which makes it easy for you to create awareness about your brand and sales of products and services.

If you choose Loggershut as a supplier to make influencer and content marketing, you have already saved yourself for a lot of time and hassle.

Below we will review the benefits and opportunities you get by using Loggershut to strengthen your brand and create content marketing.

Marketing strategy

You would definitely like to get the best results from your marketing budget. Therefore, it's important that you not only spend a lot of time finding more or less random social media influencers that you think would be good for your brand.

How you distribute your marketing message and execute it in relation to an action plan is where Loggershut, among other things, can make a big difference to you.

But let's first make it clear:

  • Loggershut is not an advertising or marketing agency!
  • We do not produce delicious videos, graphics or otherwise the visual expression
  • On the other hand, our influencers, as in their own context on social media, create the good framework for your brand

Therefore, Loggershut is the place where you save a lot of time when your marketing strategy is stuck and you're ready to execute on: Marketing, which is part of your marketing mix.

Inbound versus outbound marketing

Traditional marketing tries to shout out for potential customers, even if you do not know whether or not the recipients are interested. Examples of this may be television or post-classified advertisements, banner announcements, or outsides. This kind of marketing is called "outbound marketing". As we use our smartphones for research and social media, it may not surprise anyone that outbound marketing can quickly become an expensive form of marketing.

Contrary to outbound marketing, inbound marketing generally works significantly better. And it's just inbound marketing, which characterizes influencer and content marketing. This creates content that guides consumers in the purchase process.

As a customer at Loggershut, you get direct access to trusted sellers of your product, namely the trusted influencers. The influencers can then conduct a dialogue with their followers and solve questions in relation to their personal experience of your product.

Let's look at different types of marketing:

Visual marketing

85% of the impressions we receive are processed by our visual sense. Therefore, visual marketing is so important!

When you want to use influencer marketing, one of the first things you should ask yourself is: Is my product or service suitable for visual marketing? The fashion industry and other industries with delicious colours and styles have therefore crowned days at Instagram with influencer marketing.

But even if your product is not clothes, shoes or accessories, it may be that your product is suitable for influencer marketing. Examples of this could be:

  • Test that gadget via YouTube
  • Test app via YouTube
  • Your product becomes part of a situation or a photo environment, and therefore becomes suitable for Instagram

Social media marketing

Visual and social media marketing go hand in hand. When you say visual marketing, you also say social media marketing - at least when we assume you want the benefits of using inbound marketing.

Loggershut does not work on all social media platforms, but primarily on the SoMe platforms, where we know you can be successful. That is, we're working with you to tailor a media package that is optimal for your brand.

For example, it does not make sense to use Twitter to promote a beautiful photo of your product. Similarly, a media with the pros and cons that it gives may have an overweight in a particular age group.

Event marketing

If you want to draw attention to a new opening of a store, new product or an event that you have used a lot of energy and economy to create, you can easily invite Loggershut to invite the right influencers.

The influencers will feel unique, and these influencers, typically instagrammers, can make good situation posts in your environment and with your products. This type of posts can often create both good sharing and interaction with influencers' followers. 

Ambassador Marketing

You can choose via Loggershut to create an ambassador's corps. It may be advantageous in this context that you want to use one or more influencers over and over again. A good argument for this is that an influencer is unique in his niche, and therefore has a very dedicated fancier.

It may also be because the influencer has a big audience of fans, for example in gaming, and therefore is an attractive ambassador for you.

The art is to create a relationship and an environment, so the ambassador remains an ambassador to you, but does not overshadow your brand.

In order to have the ambassador's loyalty, you may consider the ambassador as an external employee, to be greeted with praise and feedback, like the colleagues you see on a daily basis.

International marketing

If you have a fire that is not only sold in one country but in several markets, Loggershut is also a natural and good choice for you.

Loggershut is online in a wide variety of countries, so via Loggershut you have direct access to influencers who speak the local language.

It is not without reason that we in Loggershut think globally, but work locally. It will give you the crucial help in your daily work in implementing marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing at Loggershut includes:

1) Find the influencers who can ignite your brand 

Based on your brand, we are setting a plan for which influencers can create the best story telling about your brand. For example, it may be previous posts, blog posts, and videos that make the influences interesting or because the influencers are really good within a particular niche that suits your industry or product.

It can also be the choice of or a combination of: Digital bloggers, Social media influencers (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, etc.). This way you can access both bloggers and vloggers (influencers who make videos).

This, in comparison to the large number of influencers we subsequently screen, is a time consuming process.

In addition, some influencers, for example:

  • Is already contractually linked to one of your competitors
  • Is fully booked during your campaign period
  • May have too high payroll expectations relative to your campaign budget

so it can not be the biggest surprise that Loggershut can also make a huge difference for you.

If you are looking for mega-influencers with 100,000+ followers or otherwise highly-profiled and known influencers, Loggershut is just the right place for you if your marketing strategy is to use the expensive mega-influencers to create hype and you so subsequent drops would like to use micro-influencers to create long durability for your marketing campaign.

If you're looking for micro-influencers because you know that you're getting the most from your marketing budget and better interaction between the influencers and their followers or subscriptions, you've also landed the right place.

2) Create authenticity in the communication

When you choose to use social media influences, you also choose to say yes to using the premise that the SoMe influencers make their universe available to you. This does not mean that you can decide what the influencer says or frame the way your product or service is presented. It may seem anxiously provoking, but you will get the best results if the influencers use their own environment as you will otherwise create unnecessary noise in the creditor's credibility and communication with the influencers' followers.

If we imagine that you are convinced to buy something, you will be more likely to buy if you trust the seller or the advertisement. Likewise, your brand will enjoy the authenticity that the influencers naturally create when communicating your marketing and sales message.

3) Creativity

Because many of the micro-influences are not trained professionals, there are also a number of things and tricks that micro-influencers need to learn along the way.

Therefore, we train our micro-influencers to become more creative, give inspiration to the micro-influences and be their supervisor in relation to what can be done and what is not unconditional a good idea.


4) The Marketing Act

We make every effort to comply with the guidelines issued by the Consumer Ombudsman. This includes the fact that the youngest of our influencers must have their parents' consent if commercial cooperation is to be concluded.

The influencers who make a job conveyed by Loggershut will be instructed that # advertising and # brand / business should appear as the first in connection with a commercial post.

In addition, Loggershut has chosen not to be a link between influencers and companies that offer: Sex, hard drugs and gambling.

5) Timetable

Influencers, like many other people, can have a busy weekday. Therefore, it's not all influencers who are just quick to respond and make posts.

We closely follow our influencers and optimize all the time so we know which influencers are best to deliver on time.

6) Remuneration

If you want to settle in products, services, money or a combination of them, Loggershut can be helpful in this regard.

Content Marketing Manager
We create balance in your Content Marketing


Typically, you want to broadcast the products directly to the influencers, but payment is usually not something your bookkeeping is enthusiastic about if there are many small transactions.

If you are affiliated with an affiliate program, there is a fundamental challenge in explaining the influencers value here.

7) Analysis

Both in our screening for the best influencers for you and once you've completed your campaigns through Loggershut, we have access to essential data such as:

  • Engagement rate equal to the total number of engagements (such as likes, comments, and sharing on, for example, an influencer's Instagram profile), which you divide with the total number of followers. This number is divided by the number of posts for these influencers on Instagram. So, you have the average commitment per Instagram post. Confused? If yes, then there is another good reason to use Loggershut ;)
  • Reach (number of persons / potential customers who are exposed to your brand via a given influencer during the campaign period)
  • Power measurement so you know what works and what may not work

Likes, number of followers, comments, etc. are all factors that we use in our analysis work.

8) Content SEO

Are you looking for bloggers who would like to write articles about your product or services, then you can get a valuable link to your website. This can help create a natural link profile for your website, thus strengthening your website in search engines such as: Safari, Google, and Bing.

As this is not a campaign, Loggershut can be "only" your tool to get in touch with the bloggers, but Loggershut can not guarantee that the blog post with your link remains online. You can also experience the same challenge through other media, so you are working with search engine optimization, so this is not a news for you, but just a normal prerequisite.

9) Avoid expensive software

With Loggershut you will not have to buy a wide range of software, either as per. piece or overall becomes an overly expensive solution for you.

Initially we noticed what Loggershut is not. We are not an advertising or marketing agency.

You can therefore regard Loggershut as a: One stop shop solution for implementing your marketing campaign - and here you get value for money.

Are you already convinced and would like to start creating your first content marketing campaign?

Content plan

Whether you choose to use your content marketing agency to make a content plan or you do it yourself is not so crucial. So here we will review what your content plan should contain and what kind of content you can use for your campaigns.

Let's start with the content plan itself:

For example, in an excel sheet, do the following columns:

  • Date of publication
  • Type of content
  • Title - Description
  • Producer
  • Deadline for content
  • Status
  • Responsible - editor

Below each column, enter a row per: Date of publication of content. That way, you have a year-old content, and the following year can use the same content plan to plan and optimize.

In the rows below the columns above, you can instantly paste the different forms of marketing described earlier in this article.

We started by explaining why Loggershut was created precisely because we know the importance of good content, but it can be extremely time-consuming to create content and, in particular, personal content. Therefore, we conclude this article by certifying the many benefits you get from using user-generated content:

User-generated content

Within social media marketing you talk about user-generated content. As in many other contexts, there are English abbreviations for this: User generated content (UGC) or UCC (user created content), which also covers the concept of user-generated content. But why is user-generated content so important?

When we speak influencer marketing, it's super important because the influencers, for your brand or business, can create the content you're struggling to produce on a regular basis. Everyone who has sat with an annual plan and determined his marketing mix knowing that it is incredibly resource-intensive to implement an ambitious plan.

Therefore, if you choose to use influencers to create user-generated content, you can easily create new content about your products and services, for example, 14 days apart. And there are no limitations to whether you choose influencers that have: Blogs, Vlogs (video), Instagram or, for example, Twitter, as their favourite media.

You get that way:

  • Content that you subsequently have the rights to use over and over again
  • Traffic to your store and / or web shop where there is the opportunity to sell more goods or services
  • Branding and attention through social media
  • Not spam-like content that works better than traditional outbound advertising

With the influencer's acceptance, you can subsequently make a so-called: Dark post. A dark post was invented by Facebook, but is used today on almost all of the SoMe platforms. On Instagram and Snapchat, it has even become standard with the ability to create dark posts, so it's easy for you to work with. In all its simplicity, it means that you can simply reuse the influencer's post in your marketing so that you create new and authenticity in your content.

That way, you take the social media engagement that the influencer has created and recycles this post through social media advertising, or just as part of your email newsletter flow.

For example, if you have a store in London and you have an influencer from the same city, you can boost the London influencer's post in London only. Is it a known personality or key opinion leader from London in your industry or niche, or in London media in general, then you can get the influencer to become a local ambassador for your brand via a dark post.

In that way, you insert the influences into your cross channel mix and you avoid your branding content being purely commercial posts that might actually be better suited to showing to your business associates or shareholders who are not your core audience when we speak sales.


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