Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing in English speaking countries is effective. It is challenging the traditional advertising platforms. We receive and use more different forms of media throughout the day compared to just a few years ago.  

Advertising via influencers has a great advantage. You can get in touch with the followers of influencers through a credible source of media. Many influencers do not only have one blog or social media platform. Using lets you increase your reach through an array of marketing platforms. These include Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook etc.

Finding good influencers can be difficult and time consuming. The influencers found on this website are approved through a quality assurance process. This is a huge advantage for you. No more having to find and quality checking before contacting the influencers.  

As a quality assurance too you can notify Loggershut if you experience communication problems with any influencer.

Loggershut is a Danish company that works worldwide. Therefore, you can use Loggershut as your shortcut to create effective and international marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is not about shooting potential customers with buckshots, like traditional advertising.

Content marketing is inbound marketing, where content is created to guide consumers in the buying process. Through the influencers of the Social Media you create credible marketing.

Loggershut is a Content Marketing Agency so we help you finding the influencers that will be good for your brand. We also ensure that the marketing act is complied with guideline for the influencers in making creative content etc.

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Make money on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter as well as your blog could be your shortcut to making money. Many companies would like to, via you, get in contact with your followers. Your role is to test or advertise their product and/or services. You earn money by showing them to your followers.

Many companies generally struggle finding relevant and good influencers. You actually take a shortcut by using to get in touch with these companies.

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Loggershut will verify your social media profile to see if companies will be interested. As soon as you are approved, companies can get in touch with you. You will receive tips and tricks to improve your ways of earning money online.