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Influencer marketing in the UK is effective because there is a much greater likelihood of you buying a product or a service if you have had it recommended by a good friend. It is the same mechanism that is in play when you use influencer marketing. Recommendations from trustworthy sources promote the buying process because credibility creates trust. Once trust is established, noise is minimised, which also reduces the risk of a purchase not happening.

Trust is at the centre of your success when you use influencer marketing. This also means that you have to let go of control for a bit, in order not to have a negative impact on the influencer's profile. Because it is through the personality of the influencer that credibility is created. Moreover, it is this credibility that you borrow from when the influencer talks about and demonstrates your product or service to the influencer's followers.

Influencer marketing generally does not have a commercial expression. Influencer marketing takes place on the social media, where the tone is freer, and that also applies to the formats and frameworks used.

Marketing trend 

Influencer marketing, such as it is known in the UK, is an effective way for you to market your services or products.

The UK consumers are flooded with advertisements. Therefore, ad blocking is increasingly being used. Some ads work, some ads do not. It is especially true for offline advertisements and online banner ads that they are less effective than they used to be. This is, in part, due to the fact that the target group consisting of young target group with a lot of purchasing power does not share the same traditional media habits as their parents.

The younger generation uses and interacts via social media, where streaming is available 24 hours a day.  So, if you want dialogue and access to the British youth below the age of 30, it is now happening via influencer marketing.

There are influencer marketing agencies in UK. There are full-service marketing agencies too. In other words, it means that it may be expensive for you, but for the price, you will also get a team of specialists to help you. But if you do not have £5,000 to spend, there's a better option for you. And that option is

Loggershut is a Danish company and influencer website that gives you direct access to UK influencers. In our case, you do not spend your money on having an expensive marketing agency select the influencers for you; instead, you can choose yourself, which influencers you want to represent your brand.

The UK website has several advantages:

  • Finding good influencers that fit your brand can be a very time-consuming challenge.
  • The influencers have been screened, which increases the quality
  • Among other things, the quality is also ensured because there is a dialogue where you, as a company, can report an influencer if the conversation is running off track


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