Terms and conditions:

The membership is provided by Loggershut ApS, Klintevej 12, 7100 Vejle. CVR-number: 39089459. Hereafter ‘Loggershut’ respectively ‘the Subscription’

To gain access to the influencers on Loggershut it is required to purchase a subscription and create an administrator profile which involves signing up with an email-address and other relevant information. In according to data policies, Loggershut does not request sensitive information, which is elaborated here.

Your subscription:

The price for a subscription is minimum 10 EUR/12 USD per month in regard to the current terms of notice, any regulation of prices will be announced to the email-address which the subscriber has given in connection with creating a Loggershut administrator account. Any regulation of prices will come into effect on the first coming renewal of the membership. At any given time, Loggershut reserves right to regulate the price of a subscription. Termination of a subscription following a price regulation follows the given legislation at the time of termination.

A subscription is sequential and will automatically be renewed until it is terminated by Loggershut or by the subscriber. The subscription is paid in advance. When setting up the subscription, payment can be made by card. After the subscription has been set up it is no longer possible to change the payment method. In the case of a subscriber no longer employed by a company and you wish to be the new subscriber hereto, please contact: support@loggershut.com to verify your access to the account. Thereafter you will, as the new subscriber, be able to make changes to the payment information under ‘my account’ as you log in to Loggershut with your new account.

In setting up the subscription, the subscriber allows the payment for subsequent subscription periods to be automatically paid from the selected payment method upon creating of the subscription. Loggershut offers the following card payment methods: Visa, MasterCard and JCB.

In the case of a subscription renewal and thereby automatic payment, the subscriber receives an email with a link to your receipt for the payment. If a payment is not possible due to an expiration of the selected payment card or other circumstances, the subscriber will be notified via email in order for the subscriber to be able to change the payment card.

Any notifications are sent to the email given at the time of setting up the subscription. Your email address and payment information can be updated under ‘my profile’ after logging onto Loggershut.

Any information related to payments is encrypted on the site for payments at our payment provider; Quickpay and Loggershut thereby do not store any payment card information.

When buying a subscription, a consent is simultaneously given to a dismissal of the regular 14-day right of cancellation once access to the server has been used, per the Danish consumer regulation, clause 18, section 2.

The consumer regulations rules regarding the 14-day right of cancellation do therefor not apply in the case of purchasing a subscription at Loggershut as this is a service bought online and thereby immediately available to the buyer. In other words, the subscribers’ access is commenced with the consent already given by the consumer prior to initiating the access. Hence, acknowledgement of the dismissal of the right of cancellation.

A subscription is sequential and continues until it is terminated. The subscription can be terminated for the end of the current payment period. Missing payments for subscriptions do not count as valid terminations. Loggershut reserves the right to send the subscriber emails from Loggershut regarding technical problems, payment, changes to the terms or conditions or similar situations.

Internet access is not included in the subscription.

Content and marketing:

The subscribers’ agreement(s) with influencers are 100% the responsibility of the subscribers in every aspect without limitation of any kind. On the Loggershut website there are guidelines hereto. However, it is the choice and responsibility of the subscriber with regard to any possible form of dialogue, agreement and execution of marketing.

This also implicitly means that Loggershut cannot become in any way responsible for: direct or indirect actions, costs, liabilities or losses related to convictions etc. this also includes dialogues or agreements which the subscriber or the influencers make or have made.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to adhere to all legislation and regulation including Danish marketing regulations. Al content, native or other forms of marketing must therefore clearly state that there are advertisement so the influencer (and implicitly the company) are fully transparent with the fact that an agreement is advertisement.

Loggershut reserves the right to refuse the subscriber access to Loggershut and to remove content despite the subscriber having paid for a given timeframe. This can, amongst others, happen in situations where the subscriber works against the interests of Loggershut, in other ways misuses Loggershut or encourages advertisements entailing racial discrimination or discrimination based on sexual orientation. This also includes minors, intimate photos or videos or other circumstances such as: threats, terrorism, hatred, crime etc.

All influencers undergo a quality check before they are available online for subscribers at Loggershut. However, it is not the responsibility of Loggershut (directly or indirectly) to try out the authenticity of all influencers’ online profile as the behaviour of influencers online is dynamic.

In the case where the subscriber and the influencer cannot agree upon the course of action or the execution of an agreement, the subscriber has the chance to notify Loggershut in English so Loggershut can provide input regarding the continued or concluding dialogue between the subscriber and the influencer. However, it is ultimately the choice and responsibility of the subscriber in which way the dialogue and execution relating to an agreement shall proceed with the influencer.

The subscriber is encouraged to choose an influencer based on their personality and interests. The subscriber borrows the influencer to advertise the subscriber’s product and/or services. Therefore, the subscriber can only suggest but not dictate in detail how the influencer must: advertise, test or in other ways showcase or tell his or her followers about the subscriber’s product and/or services.

The subscriber should therefore also note that an influencer can tell what they think or feel about the subscriber’s product and/or services including pros and cons relating to the product/service in question. This contributes to the credibility of the influencer, which implicitly benefits the subscriber, as an honest review is superior to a test where only the positive aspect is noted.

Loggershut can free of charge reuse any content of any kind which the subscriber and influencer have created via Loggershut.


Loggershut cannot be made responsible for the loss of any kind which the subscriber or the influencer may experience. Nor in relation to the website not being available, delays or errors.

Loggershut can furthermore not be made responsible for the information or guidelines which exist on Loggershut.dk despite these, against all expectations, are incorrect. Damages or losses resting on information or guidelines from Loggershut can therefore not be reimbursed in any aspect.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber and the influencer to continuously follow any developments in the terms and conditions for the use of Loggershut.

How you cannot use Loggershut:

  • Modify, change or try to use Loggershut in any unauthorized manner
  • Destroy, harm, overstrain, decrease or deactivate Loggershuts platforms and services or networks associated with this service
  • Include Loggershut in messages of any kind that can be characterized as spam
  • Harmful behavior

In case that a subscriber and the Loggershut company cannot make an agreement on a dispute, the subscriber has the option to go to court. In any case the court has to be: The legal court of Kolding, Denmark.

Copyright and rights:

All rights are reserved by Loggershut including immaterial rights and copyright. The title of the owner of Loggershut, copyright and other immaterial rights to software and content.

The Loggershut logo cannot be used by anyone besides Loggershut unless Loggershut has provided a written consent hereto.


In case of any questions or complaints, please contact our customer support via: support-uk@loggershut.com