Your Instagram profile can earn you money by advertiseing products and services for different companies. You can see how to do it right here.  

Make money on Instagram

You and the companies can agree upon the terms of you testing or advertising their products to your followers.  

One way of negotiating the price is to use the number of followers you have and divide by a CPM number. CPM can be translated into price per thousands. It refers to the number of followers you have.

For example, let’s say you have 5000 followers and you agree on a price of CPM3. You will earn 15 GBR per post. The more followers you have, the more money you will make. You can combine your Instagram posts with your other social media channels.

Here's another way to calculate your price. A Swedish company ( made a calculation used as a guideline for how much money you can make per post. But this is simply a guidance tool for how much you can make on Instagram.

Start out with a fair price and there is a good chance that you will book the assignment. Completing  successful assignments result in good references that can be used to receive more contact requests from companies. Then you can start negotiating a higher price.

How do you get followers?

Here are a few tips on how to get followers:

  • Find a post you like and follow the Instagrammer who posted it.
  • Daily: Be active on Instagram.
  • Make online contests/giveaways with silly content as entertainment.
  • Share your Instagram photos and video clips at the time of the day you typically receive the most number of likes.
  • Ask questions and encourage a dialogue with your followers.
  • Use local hashtags as geographical tagging. For example, #London, #Paris or #NewYork.
  • Have other Instagrammers speak about you and tag other relevant profiles in your posts.
  • Photos with faces receive the highest number of likes.
  • Photos with great lighting perform better compared to those without.   

A few absolute no-go’s:

Do not buy fake followers as it is totally a waste of money and makes your profile untrustworthy. Also ditch hashtags such as #followme and #likeforlike.

Don´t spam others with irrelevant #hashtags. Instead, use good hashtags that are actually used, such as #photooftheday.

To get started, create an influencer profile here: