Learn how to make money on Facebook via Loggershut.co.uk. in this article.   

Make monet on Facebook

Start by creating a profile on Loggershut.co.uk. at the front page of the influencer website. Your Facebook profile will undergo a review before you get the final approval.

When you create an affiliate agreement with companies, you either calculate an amount per click (CPC – cost per click) or per conversion (CPA – cost per action). The majority of companies chose the CPC option.

It is not possible for you simply to click on the ad several times on your own. The company provides a unique internet address (url) that measures which IP-address you are using.  

Another way to make money is by agreeing with the company to earn a salary. It can depend on the number of likes that you generate or compared to the number of Facebook followers that you have.

How to get more Facebook followers?

You can get more Facebook followers by consistently creating exciting posts. Motivate your followers to comment on your posts and follow up on their comments.

Having a decent number of active followers increases the likelihood of companies contacting you. Focus on creating a strong Facebook profile. It will then be easier for you to make money in the long run.

Facebook posts ideas

  • Include a video to tell your followers about the company’s product. Generally, it is fine to include both the advantages and disadvantages . Discuss the content of the post with the company before making the video.
  • Have a clear understanding of what quality your video is posted in. It is possible to record in HD quality with your smartphone. Audio needs to be of a good quality as well. You can also ask the company if the video should be edited before uploading and publishing it.
  • Include a fun point of view or angle that your Facebook followers will find interesting. The company collaborating with you might have some ideas. This helps you to make money on ads.
  • Make sure your post generates value for the Facebook group you are posting in and doesn't resemble spam. You can also post it in your own feed.

To get started, click here to create a Facebook influencer profile: