Micro influencers

Micro influencers have some clear advantages over mega influencers.

Here we have made a list that shows the difference between choosing micro versus macro influencers:


  • Persons who have between 300-50,000 followers
  • Unique ability to be attentive towards, and to communicate and engage with their followers
  • Have a major influence on their followers' purchase decisions
  • The followers have a high level of identification with and relation to the influencer
  • The followers feel unique by following micro influencers
  • Niche segment
  • Authenticity and credibility
  • Better return on investment (ROI) as compared to an expensive macro influencer
  • Continuous exposure: Working with many micro influencers makes it possible to stretch out your marketing campaign over a longer period of time, making your campaign long-lasting
  • Sales signals from the influencer does not drown in a large number of commercial posts
  • Provides more unique content
  • Here you do more of the footwork yourself, but you willalso have a better dialogue with the micro influencesso thatyou can reuse the best micro influencers
  • Larger selection of influencers


  • Persons who have at least 50,000 followers
  • Famous bloggers and social celebrities
  • High degree of diversity among the large group of followers. Thiscan make it difficult to achieve sales success.
  • The engagement rate drops when the number of followers rises
  • Great for fast exposure
  • Social celebrity status
  • Unless you have at least £3,500-£5,000 for your influencer campaign, macro influencers are probably not the best choice for you

So, if social media interaction is more important to you than the reach, using micro influencers should be the best choice for you.

Micro influencer marketing

Micro influencer marketing no longer has to be a time-consuming process!

Perhaps you have tried to connect to a micro influencer via Facebook groups, YouTube or other social media. Andyou probably discovered rather quickly, that it can be extremely time-consuming - because it is notcertain that the micro influencer wants to promote your products or service, or because it is difficult to find a sufficient number of micro influencersfor your marketing campaign in a short amount of time.

The founder of Loggershut, Ole Holdgaard, realised this, and this is why the platform was developed. Loggershut is responsible for finding the best influencers, and to quality assure the influencers, following which you can easily establish direct contact with those influencers that are the best choice for you.

UK micro-influencers

At Loggershut.co.uk you can find a lot of UK influencers. There are a lot of different categories to search through, such as:Lifestyle, Beauty, Sports, Entertainment, Humour/Art/Music, Books/Literature and Gaming/Technology, Gadgets.


Micro influencer showing her jewelry

micro influencer showing jewelry

UK micro-influencer showing his success

micro-influencer from UK

Micro influencer telling about her life

Micro influencer showing her lifestyle